How to win arguments all the time on Reddit using practical knowledge and reasoning

Win arguments with composure

You have to argue with confidence, especially on the internet, and that’s how great influencers do it. If you can not care what people think, you are on your way to winning every argument.

The easiest way to be composed in an argument is don’t overcommit. You never want to seem like your trying too hard to win, and you also never want to seem like you got lost in the moment.

Condense your arguments

You don’t have time to write a book every time you argue. Nor should you be expected to entertain hours-long arguments. In other words, all of your research is worthless in a fight if you can’t break it all down for people.

Find the simplest way to get your point across, and tell people what they need to know first. You want to win an argument in a timely fashion, and that means bringing your best ammunition for your opening move.

Good reasoning should flow

Your argument should be a train of thought that makes sense. You’re not trying to preside over a train wreck or derailment. Imagine your conclusion is the end of a day’s travels by train. In that sense, the medium only allows for the slightest deviations from that set path.

Roller Coasters make loops; a train of thought should not. So it’s always better to exit stage left if you sense an argument going off track. Unless you are the train conductor, you can’t just hit the breaks. Breaking is jarring for the people you are trying to win over.

Be prepared to sacrifice closure

You thought you had your ultimate conclusion but guess again because nothing is ever truly over. Most of the conclusions you ever find winning arguments will be anti-climactic. Or they won’t happen.

The worst is having a destination prepared with a significant build-up of tension or novelty. Winning arguments means you are ready for the fact that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. You can’t fall for the mystery and become obsessed with an idea.

Low vibes rarely gets things done

You can have a healthy dose of skepticism and cynicism. What you cannot be is low energy. Your cynicism or skepticism cannot look lazy, or you won’t be winning arguments. Sometimes it will be difficult for you to end on a high note, like someone may have sapped all your will to argue.

Give yourself the option to go back to an argument at any time. That way, you aren’t dwelling over your losses. Perhaps it would be better to say that you should replay old ideas with different variables, and replays will help you identify the wrong vibes you don’t want to entertain.

To Meme or not to Meme

Deploying memes in an argument should be in your arsenal mainly because people are going to use memes against you. Plus, your nor anyone can discredit a fantastic meme that outgunned you immediately.

Memes should be the last resort which ties into the advice about ending on a high note. You can and should end the debate with memes if you have to, and it’s not like your opponent is giving you much choice.

Ignore Downvotes and wild shots

You should ignore downvoters 90% of the time. They are firing at you unrestrained and with a severe lack of focus. So it would be best if you did the opposite of what haters are doing. You don’t need the luck of the draw to win an argument.

You can get away with throwing the haters some grief now and again, and you may even get good at griefing. Being good at griefing can teach you a lot, but griefing is still never a winning move in an argument.

Apply Holism to win arguments

You learned about composure and condensing arguments, which are strong ideas; the problem is those ideas as parts are weaker than the whole. Even in the train analogy, the train is still tiny compared to the whole track.

It isn’t rocket science to say that a train going up against the whole track is a losing fight for the train. More importantly, you can apply holism universally, and that makes it formidable in the quest to win arguments.

Final step in always winning arguments on Reddit

Be genuine and have fun with it. I’ve taught you many vital components to winning arguments. The final takeaway is that knowing what to bring to the table is always relevant.

You could consider these tips to all be safe bets to bring to the table, and altogether the recommendations would make you look like a generous champion.

Originally published at on March 1, 2022.




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Viable Outreach

Avid reader and activist

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